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Emergency point "- an exchange of experiences on how to treat various diseases.

Emergency point "- an exchange of experiences on how to treat various diseases.

The meaning of the class teacher’s activity is quite simple – to give a child this wonderful world, to surprise the beautiful, to help him understand that life is a great blessed gift and everyone is able to find their place in it, becoming a true citizen , learn to believe in their strengths and live in harmony with yourself.

Authors: O. Khomich, T. Riga


Class teacher – the basics of creative activity

The nobility of the teacher’s work is most concentrated in the work of the class teacher, the strength of whose influence on the pupils, their parents and on the life of the whole school team is quite significant.

A class teacher is a personality, individuality, it is love and respect, it is the thoughtfulness of a psychologist, it is organizational, communicative professional abilities, it is optimism of life wisdom, it is hard work of mind and heart:

"Warmth of soul, beauty of love From heart to heart I will pass to children …"

The stars of the educational Olympus

In order to elevate the role of class teacher, conferences of class teachers and the regional competition "Class teacher: a step in the XXI century." Since 2000, 188 class teachers from all districts and cities of the region have taken part in this competition.

The practical materials of their activity testify to the humanistic nature of the educational process carried out in most class groups, the national, civic and patriotic orientation of the upbringing of the younger generation.

Class teachers of Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk, Zhovti Vody, Ordzhonikidze, Pershotravensk, Novomoskovsk, Vilnogorsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Novomoskovsk, Verkhnodniprovsky, Magdalinivsky, Mezhivsky, colleagues Tsarychansky and other districts of the region took problems.

development of creative personality; organization of (joint) collective creative activity; family upbringing, cooperation with the family; formation of spiritual and moral, national (ethnic) universal values; education of legal awareness of schoolchildren, prevention of negative manifestations in their behavior; socialization of the personality of the child, the teenager in new social and economic conditions; organization of a healthy lifestyle, adherence to a holistic system of health culture.

Methodical treasury of the class teacher

The professionalism of the class teacher is to master a number of technologies and their skillful use, and this contributes to the transformation of the class into a center of personal development.

As for pedagogical technologies, their class teacher can choose based on personal creative potential.

Be it traditional (classes, oral journals, ethical conversations), dialogical (debates, conferences, defense of creative works, debates, project competitions) or national-educational technologies (theatrical-cognitive program "Pages of the national calendar", capital show Field of Miracles ", dedicated to Cossack names and symbols, correspondence trip" Ukraine takes a biography of ancient Ukrainian cities ", Ukrainian costume festival, musical living room" Folk Artists ", games-competitions" Variety of patterns on canvas … ", "Weave a Ukrainian wreath", Ceremonial folk festivals "Above the nativity scene the star shone brightly all over the world", "Generous evening", "And our Malanka has guests", "Spring round dances"), as well as shows " Star time "," Smart women and smart people "", "Guess the melody"), collective creative work (festival of sciences, firm "Help in a class", office of good services, charity actions) and interactive technologies (business and role games, comm unicative trainings, the decision of situational tasks, psychological studies).

Technologies for the development of critical thinking are relevant, which give the student a wide range of tools for working with information, teach to model, analyze and use it.

Among the technologies of critical thinking – creative discussions, debates, methods: "Angles", "Associative Bush", "Court".

The method of social design on the following topics contributes to the formation of active civic position of students on the topics: "Environmental problems of our district", "Leisure of students", "Disadvantaged children", "Youth and sects", "Computerization of school "," Social justice and children with disabilities ". "The army that Ukraine needs."

Forms that form social skills should be introduced into the educational process: ethical culture, interpersonal communication, decision-making. These forms can be built as laboratory-practical classes or as classes that promote self-development, experience of interaction and cooperation. Here are the topics of these classes:

Problems of an insecure person. My positive qualities and shortcomings on the scales of life. Communication problems …. What are they related to? How to learn to be loved? What will be the consequences of mistakes in choosing professions? Sense of humor in human life. The windows of my house. What does their light mean in my life? Conflicting person. What is she like? How to learn to enjoy life? People I should not forget.

Every class teacher remembers: the game permeates all school life, makes it attractive and rich in events. So play with children of all ages! There should be a number of exciting games in the class teacher’s arsenal: "Smileys", "Day of good surprises", "In the circle of sympathies", "Fairytale relay", "Ecological map", business tournament.

Kaleidoscope of creative work

Education of national self-consciousness, patriotism, citizenship of students, moral and legal culture

Class hours "I am a citizen of Ukraine", "Symbols of our Motherland". A series of events dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Ukraine’s liberation from fascist invaders: a week of remembrance "In the name of your and my life", a drawing contest, "Bright memory of heroes!", A meeting with veterans "They defended the Fatherland ", a trip Forest Trails of War", readers’ competition "Muse in a soldier’s overcoat". Competition of Ukrainian folk composition (staging of songs) "Song – the soul of the people", holiday "Biography of the song" . Drawing competition "Convention on the Rights of the Child: Children’s View". Game program "Cossack entertainment". Holiday "Cossack family – no translation." Song circle "Let’s weave a Ukrainian wreath". Oral magazine "My land – native Ukraine "," Glorious names ". Auction of folk wisdom. Competition of works" What is the Motherland for me ". National Games Relay. Protection of" My Future "projects. Competition" European cuisine ". Round table" Why did Ukraine make a European choice? ". Discussion" We are the citizens of Europ e ". Conversations "Ukraine is a European country", "We live in Europe", "Human legal culture". Forum of young citizens "Children – for the European choice of Ukraine". Open tribune "I ask for words" – "Children’s rights in Ukraine". Millennium Generation Civic Initiatives. Protecting students’ social initiatives: what needs to be done to improve the situation of children in Ukraine? Protection of fantastic projects "The country in which I would like to live." Moral exam "Happy ticket to my destiny (solving moral problems)". Presentation "My professional choice". Conference "My mission in the world". Discussion "Freedom and Responsibility", "Professional: Who is he?"

Health care and promotion

Happy starts. Military sports game "Find the flag". Health Carnival. Discussion: "The spiritual world of man. Its impact on health. Sports holiday" Let’s be healthy ". Exercises for the prevention of bad habits. Competition" Three C "(bold, strong, agile). Small Olympic Games. Well done games Adventure Festival "Excitement".


Operation Care. Creative products workshop. Contest "Today we test what we can and what we know." Labor landing "Fight with the King of Garbage". Artistic-aesthetic and creative activity Vernissage of creative works of students. Holiday "Dialogue of Cultures". Suite of folk games. Poetry tournament. Competition of music connoisseurs. Theatrical show compositions. School of etiquette. An evening of jokes. Carnival masks. Auction of games and entertainment. Day of fairy tales. Game disco, Podium art, Creative skills program "Achievements – I!" DJ competition. Mega-dance "Super Disco".

Environmental education

Quiz "What do you know about the nature of your native land?" Operation "Help a green friend". Ecological and biological expedition. Ecological auction. Ecological quiz "Seasons". Game "Forest Robinsons". Ecological game "Treasure Hunt". Museum exhibition "Forest Wonders". Tourist and local lore activity Tourist Day. Combined sports and tourism relay. Game "Robinsonade". Tourist competitions "Ready to hike", "Obstacle course". Intellectual and cognitive activity Journey to Chita-city. Plot-role game "Vseznayka". Interesting messages "Thursday with science". Oral magazine "Secrets around us". Thematic brain-ring. Contest "Supermemory" of dreamers.

Entertainment and development activities

Pantomime theater. Humorous miniatures "One day in the life of the class". "Journey to the country of toys" – a story about toys from different countries. "Poetic cross" – who will come up with more rhyme. "Fabulous KB" – work in groups. We compose fairy tales according to the algorithm https://123helpme.me/narrative-essay-topics/. "Paper Pavilion" – the art of creating various paper products. "Museum of Unusual Painting" – an exhibition of paintings made by unusual techniques: colored plasticine on glass, flower petals in the picture and more. "Factory of proverbs" – work in teams. An algorithm is given, for example, "Somewhere … there", "if …, then …", "without … no", etc. "Floor Portrait Gallery" – creating portraits of friends, self-portraits, fairy-tale characters from plant materials, etc. "Lesson of wisdom" – knowledge of the world around: how to keep flowers in a vase for a long time, if tight shoes, how to remove stains from clothes, how to store bread longer and more. "School of cryptographers". Encrypted text and several variants of "keys" are given. Which team deciphers first. Variants of "keys" are different: the text is read from right to left, only even letters and the first letter first, then the first from the end, and so on. Fair of useful tips – the player-buyer says: "I would like to buy advice …" Sellers, united in groups, offer their advice. The winner is the seller who earns more money, and the buyer needs different advice. For example, how to light a fire without matches? How to draw a circle without a compass? How not to sleep without an alarm clock? "Hall of Revived Values". Exhibition of products from household and industrial waste. "Emergency point" – the exchange of experiences on how to treat various diseases.



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