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Especially in summer, the nails can be painted colorfully.

Especially in summer, the nails can be painted colorfully.

All of these looks had one thing in common in recent years: They were only combined with boots – that is set to change in 2010.

Sexy lace-up ankle boots

The biggest novelty in this year’s shoe fashion are ankle boots with laces, which come with an extremely high heel. With or without gauntlets, the leather shoes can be combined with skirts, jeans, capri and cloth trousers. More rustic ankle boots with wedge heels in a mountaineering look also attract attention.

New sophistication: dandy style

Those who prefer to be more comfortable can use flat ankle boots, so-called booties. They do not have a heel and reach just above the ankle. They can be worn with a casual denim skirt as well as over or under jeans and trousers. Another novelty of the season is the dandy style. This means flat lace-up shoes for women. They go particularly well with trousers with a bootcut, with tight skinny jeans or leggings, they do not cut a good figure. Rather, straight-cut pants, casual waistcoat, simple blouse and lace-up shoes result in the sexy look with masculine roots.

Combine shoe fashion correctly

If you wear a skirt, trousers or knitted dress, you should make sure that shoes and tights harmonize with the respective style and material. A robe made of coarse mesh goes well with ankle boots made of sporty leather or with lace-up shoes and wedge heels. A subtle skirt made of delicate fabric, on the other hand, is perfectly accentuated by high-heeled ankle boots made of shiny leather.

The grade "satisfying" received the fashion chains Mexx, zero, Benetton, Esprit and Tom Tailor. (Source: German Institute for Service Quality)

Between all the extravagant hairstyles, there are always exciting creations to discover on the catwalks that combine everyday practicality with sophistication. Here are our favorites – with detailed instructions on how to style them, of course.

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Landscape & hidden chignon

We show cool, everyday hairstyles from the catwalk: For example, the models by Japanese designer Chisato wear a lying banana, while Rodriguez relies on a hidden chignon. Click through our exciting creations for re-styling

Punk knot & Curls

Do you love it wild? Then the Lanvin Punk Knot is for you! Those who like it more elegant opt ​​for Dior’s diva hairstyle with opulent curls to the strict side parting. Click through our exciting creations for re-styling

Volume patch & Balloon braid

Conran brings back the 70s with big hair and bold corners. Donna Karan also loves volume and presents us with a hairstyle that is half ponytail, half bun. Click through our exciting creations for re-styling

As early as the summer months of 2010, designers are presenting their fashion for the coming summer. There were quite a few new ideas to marvel at at Fashion Week in Berlin, but there are still some things that are already in fashion in 2011 that are already being worn. We show the most beautiful creations and reveal what it is better not to banish into the cellar.

Spring fashion 2011: That https://topadultreview.com/thai-brides/ comes, that stays From subtle to extravagant: Tunic trends Summer shoes 2011: Clogs and espandrilles Sunglasses: Find the ideal sunglasses Tips for better sex Advertisement: This is how your day becomes: a personal horoscope

Fiery colors and retro patterns determine fashion 2010

It’s getting hot: the colors of the coming summer are deep red and bright orange. You can find them in subtle cuts and eye-catching retro pieces. Patterns in the sixties style will be particularly charming next year. If you prefer something more subtle, you can choose calmer azure and turquoise tones. Long dresses made of shallow fabrics and loose blouses ensure cool moments on warm days.

The hanging dress will also be particularly popular. In bright colors it looks playful, in subtle patterns and muted colors, on the other hand, it suits mature women. Long blazers, cardigans and subtle suede jackets are suitable for overhead.

Denim and sequins remain

A summer without jeans is hard to imagine: The indigo blue fibers are simply always wearable. Whether as trousers or denim skirt – there is hardly any other material that can be combined so versatile. The look with sequins is particularly elegant – and that’s exactly what has become an accessory in the fashion world over the past year. In 2011, too, skirts, jackets, jeans and tops can sparkle as much as they can.

Evergreen safari look

With the World Cup in South Africa 2010, the safari look made its grand entrance. Leopard print, accessories adorned with feathers and muted colors dominate the savannah look. Blouses such as brown, sand, beige, camel or khaki can be combined particularly beautifully for the summer trend. In addition, fashion-conscious people defy the heat in loosely cut, softly falling silk dresses. Stretch pants and knee-length coats protect against cool nights.

Especially in summer, the nails can be painted colorfully. To get a clean and even result, you should always use a base coat before applying the colored lacquer. In this way, grooves are evenly closed and discoloration of the nail is prevented. A tip: To get a particularly beautiful shine, apply the base coat as a finish over the colored coat. Also let the layer dry well before applying the next one.

Marc o ‘Polo is the test winner and therefore the "Best Fashion Store 2010". The fashion company s.Oliver took second place. (Source: German Institute for Service Quality)

A knitted dress is by no means the same as a knitted dress. The dress can open into a flared skirt or be cut straight. It can have a V-neckline, bewitching with a turtleneck or a waterfall neckline. Not to mention the accessories: a belt can conjure up a slim silhouette and a scarf can add colorful accents. We reveal how you can perfectly combine the latest clothes and show the most beautiful pieces.

Knitted dresses: Refined meshes Autumn jackets 2010: Trench coats and pilot jackets Knitted dresses: Knitted dresses 2009 Tips for better sex Advertisement: This is how your day will be: a personal horoscope

Applications attract attention

The knitted dress came into fashion last autumn. A trend that has proven itself and is being picked up again this year by fashion designers. But the facets of the robe have changed. While the dresses were simple in 2009 and came in gray or black, the stitches are now more eye-catching and sophisticated. Especially when it comes to decorations and applications, there are many trends that make additional accessories superfluous in some models. The classic cable pattern, stripes, embroidered sequins, buttons and pockets attract attention.

Waist belt flatters knitted dress and silhouette

If your choice is a simple knitted dress, exciting accents can be set that also flatter the figure. A trendy waist belt with a wrap-around fastener conceals unpleasant hip gold and the right neckline can also emphasize the advantages of the figure. Women with large breasts should opt for subtle turtlenecks or a waterfall neckline, they distract from the breast. A V-neckline can also look good, but women with a large bust should wear a top underneath so that the neckline appears less deep.

Blazers and accessories make the look perfect

Women with small breasts can choose any neckline; a V-neck or a boat neckline is particularly beautiful. Knitted dresses made of angora, with cables or very thick stitches look particularly good on them. With curvy women, thick cord is unnecessarily bulky and has a disadvantageous effect. A black knitted dress is particularly suitable for her, combined with high boots it stretches twice.

You can also add beautiful accents with a belt, the color of which is reflected in the boots or other accessories. Knit dresses can also be combined with a blazer. So you are less noticeable in the trend color red, but still set fashionable accents.

Set a price limit before you go into business. This not only makes it easier for the advising saleswoman to find a suitable model, but also prevents you from spending too much money. Also note that there are not only costs for the dress alone, but also money for the veil, accessories and underwear. In general, it is advisable to include around ten to 15 percent of the total wedding budget for the dress.

The application phase ended on July 10, 2011. We would like to thank everyone who applied to wanted.de for the event! The ten winners of the wanted.de Experience have now been determined: Timo BeckHauke ​​PartheilMark RauKai SchochMark RühmannChristian RunkelDr. Paul HengsbachSascha ZigaThomas KrausGerhard RühlCongratulations!

The event will take place on Wednesday, July 27th, 2011 in Frankfurt / Main. Please make sure that you are available all day that day. The entire day is accompanied by our wanted.de camera team and presented in retrospect with extensive video reports and stories on wanted.de.If you are not one of the lucky winners, don’t despair. The next wanted.de experience is already being planned. If you have any questions, please contact us: [email protected]

There are many myths about coffee. Among other things, cold coffee should make you look good. You can read about what coffee can do and which myth is true in the following text. First of all: the tasty bean has it all!

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Technology ABC: Interesting facts about watch technology Shaving: Tips for the perfect shave Care for men: Which cream is the right one? Against the wild growth: Where men should be shaved 9 myths: When baldness comes

The statement that cold coffee makes you beautiful has its origins in the baroque era. In those days, a noble paleness was a sign of wealth. Thus, the faces were made up as pale as possible and the strong red lips were in contrast. The cosmetics of earlier times, however, were not of very good quality. If, for example, hot coffee was drunk, this spoiled the beauty, because the steam did its best to let the make-up run off. That is why society preferred to drink cold coffee so that the ladies and gentlemen could retain their beauty. If you think that this thesis is about cold coffee, you are on the wrong track. Cold coffee can very well contribute to beauty and even has health-promoting properties. For example, it has been said time and again that coffee dehydrates the body. However, this could be refuted. So you can add your coffee consumption to the daily amount of fluids you drink. Of course, don’t overdo it.

Is cold coffee really nice? (Photo: Thinkstock by Getty Images)

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If the necessary two to three liters consist only of coffee, this is anything but healthy. It is up to you whether you prefer to drink the black drink cold or hot.



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